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Estate Planning

Financial and Estate Planning

P&H Asset Management Coordinates with Legal & Tax Professionals allowing for a more efficient and holistic application of your investment strategy. By meeting with your CPAs, attorneys, and other professionals, we are able to work towards achieving a more comprehensive implementation and integration of your financial accounts, tax issues, and legal & estate planning needs. We work with Trusts and Estates, as well as with Wills, Powers of Attorney, and Charitable Foundations.

Protect Your Nest EggP&H Asset Management experience in estate planning has taught us that by surrounding yourself with a high quality competent team of legal and financial professionals, the combined synergies increase the effectiveness of each member of the team. For example, charitable giving strategies offer two significant benefits: they are effective vehicles for creating immediate tax deductions (write-offs), and they can be used to fund worthy organizations and causes that reflect some of your deepest and most fundamental values.

P&H Asset Management will help guide you see the benefits charitable giving strategies can make. We will also work with your own legal and tax professionals to find opportunities that bring value to both your financial situation, and your philanthropic principles.

In addition, P&H Asset Management seeks to provide "Financial Life Planning", which is about building the bridge between traditional numbers-based planning and a broader, more holistic approach that takes into account clients’ goals and concerns.

The fundamentals of financial life planning center on the goal of broadening and deepening the conversation with clients, by establishing better trust and therefore gleaning better information about their needs. As certified financial planners, we will determine our clients' personal and financial goals, needs and priorities and offer recommendations that help clients make informed decisions.

A quant-based approach to financial planning is good, but it just doesn't finish the job. A method for going beyond the numbers is necessary.

Managed InvestmentsInvestment-only firms and brokerage houses would have you believe that long-term financial independence is about simply beating the market. A well-managed and diversified portfolio isn’t designed to beat the market; it’s meant to manage the tax ramifications of your investments, get the most from your compensation package, balance risk and plan for generational transitions.

We advise our clients on all facets of their financial lives, sensitive to how each piece affects the others. Our team of individual experts develops coordinated strategies that seek to provide optimal financial advantage. This coordinated approach eliminates the frustration and unpleasant surprises that often arise when trying to manage a loose network of unaffiliated advisors.

To ensure that we're tracking the many components of our clients' financial lives, we monitor the status of every vital element in a client's financial profile.