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Wealth Management

Professional Money Management

If you are like most affluent people, you know that with wealth comes the responsibility to manage it carefully. In fact, you may have reached the stage where your investments require the attention of a professional money manager. Or maybe your life just requires more of your attention. If so, P&H Asset Management can help find the appropriate money manager for you.

Investment Portfolio ManagementWhile the idea of delegating your investment decisions to someone else may seem daunting, at P&H Asset Management you are assigning those decisions to world-class investment managers with proven track records. And you are selecting these managers with our guidance.  To find out more about what our Separately Managed Accounts offer, and what they can do for you, click here

We study hundreds of opportunities, both public and private, benchmarking them against a rigorous set of criteria before we include them in a client’s portfolio. We emphasize setting the appropriate strategy, balancing risk and return, and then implementing it with the best possible investments.

Qualified clients gain access to alternative investment opportunities that normally would be unavailable to them due to high investment minimums or other restrictions. This access, combined with our unbiased approach, provides our clients with a level of sophistication not easily replicated elsewhere.

Managed Portfolios

Professional Money Management is available for our diverse clientele. Whether you are novice, or if you are a seasoned and sophisticated investor, we are able to structure an investment strategy that is right for you. P&H Asset Management offers a wide range of professional money managers, separately managed accounts, and in-house portfolio management services.

Tax Preferred InvestmentsWe can provide you with a fee-based managed portfolio, which takes commissions out of the equation to help ensure that you receive objective advice that fits your particular needs and situation, or we can offer you a product-based investment management approach. Either way, you will know which of our services is best suited for you, because our complimentary office visits and follow-up appointments will give you the ability to learn about how our services can be tailored exclusively to your financial needs, before having to commit any assets towards working with us.